07/06/2017 Out with the Old, In with the New


We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new brand identity. This new branding is a deliberate approach to capture brand awareness and expand the company’s audience reach.

With a more creative and modern look, the technological background of the logo represents a dynamic network of agents interacting in a specific financial arena, with a strong focus on innovation, accessibility and the sharing of knowledge.

Along with the new logo comes a complete new website and a financial blog where all our NewsBriefs are easily accessible for future reference. Our new website brings our clients’ feedback to the fore. Our aim is to make our site, services and product offering clear-cut and easy to understand.

We will always strive to provide our existing clients with the ongoing service they have become accustomed to as well as a continued offering of value-added services. We are also particularly focused on growing within the Gen-X and Millennials consumer segments, with a main aim of increasing financial literacy.

Lasting, positive change. That should be our goal when we strive for economic empowerment. When the change carries over to the next generation, it’s a big win. Banks and other institutions are inundating consumers with credit opportunities—the ability to apply for credit cards or use credit checks to pay other credit balances—and without the proper knowledge or checks and balances, it is easy to get into financial trouble. In past generations, cash was used for virtually every purchase. Today, cash is rarely used. The way we shop has changed as well. Online shopping has become the top choice for many younger shoppers, creating ample opportunities to use and overextend credit, an all too easy way to accumulate debt, fast. Many of these consumers have very little understanding of finances, how credit works and the potential impact on their financial well-being for many, many years. In fact, the lack of financial understanding has been signalled as one of the main reasons behind savings and investing problems faced by many South Africans.

We also have a new slogan: GROW. PROTECT. PROSPER. We want all our clients to GROW with us- growing in wealth and in knowledge and by referring others to us to in return will also keep us growing. We will PROTECT you through the insurers we believe in, by protecting what is most valuable to you- whether it is to cover you against any risk in both your personal and business capacity, your health and by protecting any property or personal possessions. To PROSPER will be our main aim. We all would like wealth in abundance- not having to work, living a life of luxury and to be completely free of debt. Unfortunately, that is only possible for a select few. I subscribe to the idea that financial independence means that you have enough money to survive without further income. That does not preclude you from working for additional income. It merely means that if you were to quit working today, you would not lose any significant part of your way of life due to a lack of a working income. And that would be the perfect scenario we would like to see for all our clients at retirement.

Finally, please also note that my email address has also changed in line with the new website address. Please change it in your records and address book to: jacques@mombergconsulting.com. We hope you like our new brand and website. Please visit www.mombergconsulting.com. We’d love to hear your thoughts so please do let us know.

Until next time, take care!



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