Take care of your child’s education even when you can’t

Good day,

Today we are looking at Liberty’s Educator benefit- a MUST for every parent out there.


Liberty’s unique EduCator benefit will help pay for your child’s education and related expenses all the way through pre-primary, primary, high school and university should you pass away, become critically ill or disabled. Have the confidence that your child’s education is taken care of!

What does the EduCator benefit cover?

Liberty’s Educator pays tuition costs and other allowances associated with your child’s education should you have a critical illness, become disabled or pass away.

Tuition – Choose between Public or Independent School cover for your child. As the payment each year is made directly to the academic institution, you are assured that the benefits will be handled appropriately. Payout limits increase each year. This cover pays for 1 year in grade R, 7 years for primary school education and 5 years for secondary school education. Choosing between Public or Independent schools have an effect on your premiums.

Supplementary allowance – This allowance is paid directly to the child beneficiary as an annual lump sum to cater for additional expenses such as textbooks, stationery, uniforms and after-school care. The limits are set each year by Liberty.

Special Needs Education – Up to 40% more is paid by Liberty for children who attend a school catering for special learning, behavioural or physical needs. Tuition payout limits increase for all levels except tertiary education

Achievement allowance – This allowance is payable as a lump sum directly to the child beneficiary when they achieve provincial or national colours in any sport or other activity. Limits are set each year by Liberty.

Tertiary education We pay for your child’s first degree or diploma (up to 4 years) at any registered tertiary institution in South Africa.  International Studies are also allowed at institutions such as Harvard, Oxford etc. International Studies will not affect your premiums, we want to offer your child the opportunity to study overseas! Tuition and residential payout limits increase each year.

The Educator pays annual tuition costs and other allowances associated with a child’s education, subject to maximum benefit limits. These limits are increased each year in line with education inflation as determined by Liberty.

  • The following tables show maximum benefit limits that were paid in 2016 and 2017 per child.

 Towards the Education Institution

Independent Schools                                              Public Schools

Pre-Primary school p.a.R 66 750R 73 090R 12 690R 13 900
Primary school p.a.R 93 220R102 080R 26 700R 29 240
Secondary school p.a.R 102 570R112 310R 29 390R 32 180
Tertiary Education in South Africa p.aR 61 200R 67 010
Tertiary Education overseas p.a.$ 73 440


(approximately R 1 101 600)

$ 80 420


(approximately R 1 166 090)

 Towards the Child beneficiary

Primary School Supplementary p.a.R 9 580R 10 260
Secondary School Supplementary p.a.R 14 380R 15 400
Tertiary Education Supplementary p.a.R  7 670R 8 210
Provincial Achievement in sport or other activities p.a.R 9 580R 10 260
National Achievement in sport or other activities p.a.R 19 160R 20 520

Are you sure you’re child’s education are taken care of even when you can’t? 

Until next time, take care.


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