Lessons from Santa

Santa Claus knows what it takes to manage his money properly, and he certainly walks the walk. Living by the “Generosity First” rule, Santa also works year-round to meet his annual goals, so he’s a saver. He also makes a list and checks it twice, indicating he knows how to budget his money and time.

Santa has little choice but to manage his money wisely. After all, his huge operation at the North Pole requires multiple global sources of natural resources and technology. He already has his human… er, elf resources covered, but Santa still needs to pay for things like lumber and precious metals that the North Pole generally lacks.

With his own list-making principle in place, Santa doesn’t need to stress over forgetting his obligations. With centuries of experience, Santa knows that humans make mistakes with their own finances but that through habitual list-making and checking, mistakes have essentially been reduced to zero.

Sending a letter to Santa must be one of the purest traditions of the Christmas season. Every year, a child puts pen to paper and writes down his or her sincerest wishes, the ones stored deep in his or her innocent—or, in some cases, mischievous—little heart. Here are some of the cutest examples we came across.

This year and every year, as you give, save, and prepare, we wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Prosperous New Year! And may your letter to Santa this year be as sincere as these ones.

Stay Savvy,


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