The Cost of a New-born Baby

Welcoming a baby into your life can be a wonderful and joyous experience. The new arrival can even bring a more profound sense of purpose – and, inevitably, a lot of extra bills. “Many young couples discover that the cost of caring for a baby is much higher than they expected,” says Shafeeka Anthony, marketingContinue reading “The Cost of a New-born Baby”


New legislation requires all Financial Advisors to have a review ROA completed and signed by all clients annually. Please find the review record of advice below. Please complete, sign, and return to let me know when you wish to have your annual portfolio review done this year. As some of you already know, I willContinue reading “IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL LIBERTY/STANLIB CLIENTS”

New Look, New Offerings

Our updated website is now live! And with that I have some news to share: We now offer financial coaching, where we will be taking a closer look at the behavioural side of finance and how to help keep emotions from derailing long-term financial success. Whether it’s designing a plan for your retirement goals, budgeting,Continue reading “New Look, New Offerings”

Yes, we love global investment exposure

With the Limited offer Liberty Structured Global Performer V2 and the Liberty Structured Global Performer ESG V2 portfolios, you can invest Global, without fear of any currency fluctuations. Liberty is providing you with a way to access global growth and diversify your world. The prized goal of a solid investment is to achieve the growthContinue reading “Yes, we love global investment exposure”

Continued Repo Rate Hikes

The South African Reserve Bank decided to increase the Repo rate (Repurchase Rate) by a further 75bps to 6.25% at its MPC meeting last Thursday. The decision was not unanimous, with two members of the MPC preferring an increase of 100bps. The decision was in line with market expectations, although some analysts had argued that theContinue reading “Continued Repo Rate Hikes”

Shop Smart and Budget

In our previous NewsBrief, we mentioned how middle-income consumers are spending up to 80% of their monthly salary within five days of being paid. A BusinessTech survey revealed earlier this year that 76% of respondents indicated that they save less than 15% of their salary, while 35% said they don’t save any money at all. SouthContinue reading “Shop Smart and Budget”

South Africans crushed by the volley of living cost increases

Middle-income consumers are spending up to 80% of their monthly salary within five days of being paid. In addition, salaried middle-income consumers with credit, spend on average, 30% of their income on unsecured credit and 35% on secured credit. CEO of Debt Rescue Neil Roets says that their latest survey results show this to beContinue reading “South Africans crushed by the volley of living cost increases”

Your Retirement Plan and budgeting for Future Healthcare

Many pre-retirees tend to underestimate their post-retirement healthcare costs and use their current health status as a guideline for what their future health will look like. The reality, though, is that many diseases and chronic conditions are a function of ageing, and your fortunate good health in the years leading up to retirement is notContinue reading “Your Retirement Plan and budgeting for Future Healthcare”