What you should know about life insurance as you grow older

Birthdays shouldn’t just come with cake and presents; they should also be a reminder that if you don’t have life insurance cover in place you will probably be paying much more when you do decide to take out a policy. The right time to buy life insurance varies from person to person, depending on familyContinue reading “What you should know about life insurance as you grow older”

The Future is Contactless

For the past 10 years, we’ve been hearing about how new-generation mobile apps, wallets, tap-to-pay, NFC solutions and even the humble QR code are going to spell the end of the magnetic stripe card as a means of payment. And here we are, in 2022, and we’re finally taking big steps towards a brave newContinue reading “The Future is Contactless”

Retirement Annuities – A Closer Look

Today we take a closer look at how this highly tax-efficient retirement funding vehicle works. While the long-term benefits of investing through a retirement annuity cannot be overstated, there’s a lot more to this impressive retirement funding structure than meets the eye. Here’s what to know. Governed by the Pension Funds Act, an RA isContinue reading “Retirement Annuities – A Closer Look”

A bumpy road ahead

Fasten your seatbelts. We’re in for a bumpy ride. The South African economy has lost momentum since the middle of 2021, despite the ongoing revival of world economic activity and numerous promises by government that policy implementation would be dramatically improved. While the lockdown has impacted all income groups, data shows that South Africa’s middle-classContinue reading “A bumpy road ahead”

Make this year a money-smart Christmas

This year, even the most dedicated Christmas planner is likely to feel daunted with financial and social pressures after limited festivities in 2020, but there are certain steps you can take to minimise Christmas stress and to keep your costs down. From savvy shopping tips and ways to save, to why you should prioritise theContinue reading “Make this year a money-smart Christmas”

Big money mistakes we make

When it comes to financial planning, every decision you make has a consequence – meaning the money mistakes you make today can set you back financially and slow down the process of wealth creation. While some mistakes may be obvious, others may be seemingly innocuous although detrimental to your financial future. Taking a balloon paymentContinue reading “Big money mistakes we make”

South Africans weighed down by financial stress

Financial stress is taking a heavy toll on South Africans. A rallying oil price, combined with a weaker rand, resulted in today’s sharp hike in fuel prices. Petrol (both 93 and 95) is now R1.21 a litre, while diesel now rose to 148.2c a litre. That, along with a huge spike in food inflation, aContinue reading “South Africans weighed down by financial stress”

Let’s Talk Offshore

The last few years we have seen a substantiable amount of our clients opting to invest in Offshore Investments. And with good reason. In general terms, including some international exposure in a portfolio has been shown to be beneficial for almost all long-term investors. The stocks listed on the JSE represent only 1% of theContinue reading “Let’s Talk Offshore”

Have the Will Power to Protect you and your loved Ones

The Covid-19 pandemic has made a lot of people reprioritise their lives, and this has meant a lot of difficult conversations around life, money, and the people we love. Choosing beneficiaries, guardians and deciding how to divide your assets is tough, but we shouldn’t shy away from talking to the people we want to inheritContinue reading “Have the Will Power to Protect you and your loved Ones”

Important Update on Vaccinations & Underwriting

Good day, Several vaccines against COVID-19 have now been developed around the world. The decision whether to get vaccinated has so far been left to the individual citizens. However, there are good reasons, both in theory as well as in practice, to believe that the willingness to get vaccinated might not be sufficiently high toContinue reading “Important Update on Vaccinations & Underwriting”