Tips for planning in your 40s

Good day, One’s 40s can be frenetic years as you juggle career, children, school functions, bond repayments, home maintenance, and possibly looking after your ageing parents. Many adults in this life stage feel as though they are being pulled from all angles, never knowing what to prioritise first. It is during this decade that manyContinue reading “Tips for planning in your 40s”

Looting, Unrest & the Economy

Good day, Zuma’s arrest has been overshadowed by the real economic hurdles South Africa will continue to face, whether he remains behind bars or not, alongside global factors such as reflation, stimulus and global growth. Despite this, there is a real concern as to the effect protests and looting will have on the economy. TheContinue reading “Looting, Unrest & the Economy”

Is your income covered?

Good day, Your ability to consistently generate an income over a long period of time is the mechanism upon which your future wealth will be built. There are a number of risks that investors face on the path to accumulating sufficient retirement assets. From one’s first paycheque to the date of formal retirement, it isContinue reading “Is your income covered?”

SA’s Shocking Retirement Numbers

Good day, People the world over are living much longer. Catalysed by the near exponential advance of medical technologies and the science of wellness, the ageing revolution is undoubtedly a cause for celebration. But it also creates immense challenges for societies and individuals, who need to support the many more years they have ‘after work,’Continue reading “SA’s Shocking Retirement Numbers”

Live Well, End Well

Good day, One of the immediate benefits of creating a long-term financial strategy is that it encourages us to adopt a long-term viewpoint. A question that’s not asked often enough is whether the way we go about retirement planning is necessarily the best way. All too often, this milestone is overshadowed by the pressure ofContinue reading “Live Well, End Well”

New Year, New Resolutions: Improve Your Financial Health in 2021

Good day, The new year holds promise of fresh starts for many – especially this year. The start of this new decade has been transformative to say the least, and many people are excited to start anew in 2021. We all learned valuable lessons last year and reflection is key to making changes in theContinue reading “New Year, New Resolutions: Improve Your Financial Health in 2021”

Take control of your finances in 2021 by planning now

Good day, This year has undoubtedly been a tough one for all of us. As another year comes around, with expert planning and advice, it is possible to take charge of certain aspects of your life, like your finances. If 2020 was a difficult year, and especially if you had to dip into emergency savings,Continue reading “Take control of your finances in 2021 by planning now”