Shop Smart and Budget

In our previous NewsBrief, we mentioned how middle-income consumers are spending up to 80% of their monthly salary within five days of being paid. A BusinessTech survey revealed earlier this year that 76% of respondents indicated that they save less than 15% of their salary, while 35% said they don’t save any money at all. SouthContinue reading “Shop Smart and Budget”

Make this year a money-smart Christmas

This year, even the most dedicated Christmas planner is likely to feel daunted with financial and social pressures after limited festivities in 2020, but there are certain steps you can take to minimise Christmas stress and to keep your costs down. From savvy shopping tips and ways to save, to why you should prioritise theContinue reading “Make this year a money-smart Christmas”

Big money mistakes we make

When it comes to financial planning, every decision you make has a consequence – meaning the money mistakes you make today can set you back financially and slow down the process of wealth creation. While some mistakes may be obvious, others may be seemingly innocuous although detrimental to your financial future. Taking a balloon paymentContinue reading “Big money mistakes we make”

Tips for planning in your 40s

Good day, One’s 40s can be frenetic years as you juggle career, children, school functions, bond repayments, home maintenance, and possibly looking after your ageing parents. Many adults in this life stage feel as though they are being pulled from all angles, never knowing what to prioritise first. It is during this decade that manyContinue reading “Tips for planning in your 40s”

New Year, New Resolutions: Improve Your Financial Health in 2021

Good day, The new year holds promise of fresh starts for many – especially this year. The start of this new decade has been transformative to say the least, and many people are excited to start anew in 2021. We all learned valuable lessons last year and reflection is key to making changes in theContinue reading “New Year, New Resolutions: Improve Your Financial Health in 2021”

Take control of your finances in 2021 by planning now

Good day, This year has undoubtedly been a tough one for all of us. As another year comes around, with expert planning and advice, it is possible to take charge of certain aspects of your life, like your finances. If 2020 was a difficult year, and especially if you had to dip into emergency savings,Continue reading “Take control of your finances in 2021 by planning now”

Importance of a Financial Portfolio Review

Your financial portfolio helps you reach your financial goals, and as an investor it is imperative to review and re-balance it periodically. This is more than often ignored which can be a major setback in achieving your financial goals. The purpose of a review and re-balance is carried out to keep your investments from drifting away fromContinue reading “Importance of a Financial Portfolio Review”

Make your December salary last

Good day, Getting paid earlier than usual brings welcome relief during the festive season when we will inevitably spend more than usual. But before you rush out to blow your salary, remember it needs to last up to 40 days before your next salary comes in! Statistics show that there is a significant increase inContinue reading “Make your December salary last”