Your Retirement Plan and budgeting for Future Healthcare

Many pre-retirees tend to underestimate their post-retirement healthcare costs and use their current health status as a guideline for what their future health will look like. The reality, though, is that many diseases and chronic conditions are a function of ageing, and your fortunate good health in the years leading up to retirement is notContinue reading “Your Retirement Plan and budgeting for Future Healthcare”

Retirement Annuities – A Closer Look

Today we take a closer look at how this highly tax-efficient retirement funding vehicle works. While the long-term benefits of investing through a retirement annuity cannot be overstated, there’s a lot more to this impressive retirement funding structure than meets the eye. Here’s what to know. Governed by the Pension Funds Act, an RA isContinue reading “Retirement Annuities – A Closer Look”

SA’s Shocking Retirement Numbers

Good day, People the world over are living much longer. Catalysed by the near exponential advance of medical technologies and the science of wellness, the ageing revolution is undoubtedly a cause for celebration. But it also creates immense challenges for societies and individuals, who need to support the many more years they have ‘after work,’Continue reading “SA’s Shocking Retirement Numbers”

Live Well, End Well

Good day, One of the immediate benefits of creating a long-term financial strategy is that it encourages us to adopt a long-term viewpoint. A question that’s not asked often enough is whether the way we go about retirement planning is necessarily the best way. All too often, this milestone is overshadowed by the pressure ofContinue reading “Live Well, End Well”

Questions to ask your parents when they retire

Make sure your parents have given careful consideration to their retirement decisions. It is estimated that less than 6% of South Africans will retire comfortably. Too many people don’t know how much they need to put away to maintain their standard of living after retirement. The low rate of retirement provision among South Africans meansContinue reading “Questions to ask your parents when they retire”

Investing in the future doesn’t have to be at the expense of living your best life today

Good day, A sound plan can help you live confidently today and in the future. Retirement. It’s something our parents deal with and feels like light years away, a thing for the future you to think about. Saving for it often takes a back seat to more immediate ‘needs’ like investing in the current you:Continue reading “Investing in the future doesn’t have to be at the expense of living your best life today”