What you should know about life insurance as you grow older

Birthdays shouldn’t just come with cake and presents; they should also be a reminder that if you don’t have life insurance cover in place you will probably be paying much more when you do decide to take out a policy. The right time to buy life insurance varies from person to person, depending on familyContinue reading “What you should know about life insurance as you grow older”

Is your income covered?

Good day, Your ability to consistently generate an income over a long period of time is the mechanism upon which your future wealth will be built. There are a number of risks that investors face on the path to accumulating sufficient retirement assets. From one’s first paycheque to the date of formal retirement, it isContinue reading “Is your income covered?”

Why life insurance is a good investment

As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread, we’ve been bombarded with reminders of our own mortality. It has reinforced the idea that illness and death can come at any time, and that has some people thinking seriously about life insurance. Many people are not convinced when you tell them that life insurance is a form ofContinue reading “Why life insurance is a good investment”

Covid-19: Are you Covered?

With South Africa firmly in lockdown, there’s been a flood of questions from clients asking how or if we’ll be conducting new business during the 21-lockdown period. The good news is that we remain open for business. Although the process working remotely may take a bit longer at times, we are committed to guide allContinue reading “Covid-19: Are you Covered?”

South Africans could pay more to bury loved ones

With food prices continuing to increase, rising fuel prices and high electricity tariffs – South Africans could see the average cost of burying a loved one rising significantly in the short-term. On average, the cost of a burial is estimated to range between R30 000 and R40 000, but along with the rising cost ofContinue reading “South Africans could pay more to bury loved ones”

How to handle higher education costs like a boss

The cost of higher education in South Africa is escalating beyond inflation rates. Unfortunately, neither the economy nor professionals can function without the pool of knowledge that comes out of higher education. As a result of these growing costs, South Africa witnessed the #FeesMustFall campaign three years ago driven by students across the country. TheirContinue reading “How to handle higher education costs like a boss”

The road to a healthier South Africa

Over the past five years, there has been a significant international focus on ways to get people to live healthier and to exhibit better driving habits. While there are many of these success stories in South Africa, Discovery reports that South Africa is behind the curve when it comes to their health and their drivingContinue reading “The road to a healthier South Africa”

Liberty’s new Death Income feature

Recently added to Liberty Life’s Lifestyle Protector Life Cover benefit, the income option gives the policyholder more flexibility in determining how a claim will be paid out to their beneficiaries. For each beneficiary, the policyholder will now be able to choose which proportion of their allocated sum assured will: be paid out as a lumpContinue reading “Liberty’s new Death Income feature”

Death without a Will

Death without a Will creates unnecessary complications for loved ones. Dying without carefully preparing a Last Will and Testament which specifically outlines who should inherit your belongings, causes unnecessary distress at an already difficult time for your family and friends. The absence of a Will also means that the law will decide who gets what,Continue reading “Death without a Will”