Some things are so unexpected that no one is prepared for them.

Leo Rosten

Personal Risk Insurance is a crucial tool used to protect you and/or your family in the event something happens to you.

It can ensure that during an emotional time you and your family would cope financially to cover debts, daily living expenses and lifestyle costs, which will alleviate financial pressure and stress.

Essentially, it is financial safeguarding against unpredictable life occurrences.

While the main objective of buying a life insurance policy is to protect oneself from unforeseen circumstances, it can also help in wealth accumulation, preservation, and give access to liquidity at the right time, if added as a component of financial planning.

There is a comprehensive range of risk cover products available for individuals or companies, which can be tailored to grow with your financial needs. Below are a range of risk products available to best provide the financial stability and security that you and your family will require at various life stages: