Every pound is a seedling.
Invest your seedlings to create a tree.
Re-invest your seedlings to grow a forest.

George Choy

Financial independence is a goal many strive to achieve, yet only a few accomplish. No matter what you desire, having a wealth creation plan can bring you closer to achieving it. Wealth creation refers to building wealth through several financial products with the aim of gaining high returns over a period of time. 

Creating wealth is about spending less than you earn. As your income increases, increase your investments proportionally. Be sure to increase your savings. You can do this by setting up a passive income stream and cutting down on avoidable expenses.

Remember that wealth creation is a continuous process. A financial living plan is essential, follow it in a disciplined manner. Make the right choices with investment instruments, and you will succeed in creating wealth over time.

During times of market uncertainty a solid personal financial plan stands you in good stead. Many investors make the cardinal error of panic selling when emotions of fear and greed take over as we are barraged incessantly by diverging investment information that robs us of peace of mind and sleep. Even the most astute investors like Warren Buffet warn of the dangers of emotions in the investment process. By taking time to understand investment principles and constructing a sound financial planning strategy, many of these pitfalls can be avoided.

Once an investment is structured correctly and diversified into different asset classes, even in tumultuous markets, the best thing you can do is to leave the investment alone to grow. Compound interest will always be your best friend.

Set a goal to motivate yourself to invest rather than spend. It could be to retire comfortably, to buy a car or house, finance a wedding or a child’s education, or simply to have a holiday or a hot new iPhone. Aim to invest around 15-20% of your income for retirement (depending on your age), and 10% for other goals. Draw up a budget for this and make sure you stick to it. Financial planning is the process which tailors a personal financial plan particular to your unique circumstances and focuses on what you need rather than what you want. You can then invest accordingly.

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